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Circuits Micro

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Circuits Micro is 100% FREE and always will be.Next release is nearly here. A-lot of painstaking time and effort has been put in to creating original and new samples from retro and digital circuit designs and packaging them into a neat featured interface for easy manipulation and sound creation.

Circuits boasts an original collection of samples from paddy to percussive and bassy to highly harmonic and evolving tones with controls for  filters, frequency modulation, chorus and reverb. 

Included for enjoyable programming is velocity and length sequencing, an arpeggiator, and panning modulation for those times when you need a-lot going on or just adding that little bit of extra movement and depth.

Included is an in-house recorded set of impulse responses for added choice and whacky effects.

Hoping to get some demos online soon so watch this space!