New Collections and Version Upgrades

So this is the new site, with new releases getting posted up slowly as we go. There have been numerous updates to old software and libraries including the free stuff previously available. I have made things a lot easier to maintain on the site so as to spend more time producing quality projects.

Audio demos will be added to Soundcloud in progression with each release. I don't want to release things till they are 110% ready for production.

Plugins may be available in the near future when the filter algo's have been sorted out and are up to scratch. Otherwise, Kontakt's filters are pretty damn good if you ask me. Still hangin' to get some Linux releases out there.

Soundsets will be available soon for Cubase and U-He. Just need some more time to finish collating and fine-tune them all. Easy modding and performance is essential to a nice preset... :b

Have some nice sound design libs in scratch mode at the'll love

Circuits Pro is looking good for the future. More than a few gig of samples and an interface worthy of your eyes...start dreaming!! Grab the free version of CIrcuits and subscribe to the newsletter to keep in touch.